D&D - "A Series Of Unfortunate Rolls"

Layout, Illustration

A few months ago, my wife and I decided to play Dungeons and Dragons with some friends of ours. I had never played before, and honestly I had my reservations as to whether or not it would be for me (I'm usually not a fan of role playing games). Jessica had played with a group in the past, and like so many other things that I'm a huge fanboy for now, her enthusiasm and positivity were enough to convince me to give it a try.

Sure enough, many months, beers, and exciting adventures later, it's become a regular staple in our lives. What's also funny, is when we shared our new endeavor with friends, there was a surprisingly large group of people who also played or have played in the past. Everyone had all these great stories of their characters, the challenges they faced, the creative back stories they developed, etc... How cool is that!

This past holiday season, I decided to create our very own character sheets for each of our characters. Our campaign, entitled "A Series of Unfortunate Rolls", is based off of D&D 5th Edition (or 5E as the cool kids say), and starred 5 main characters: A Human Paladin, an Elf Wizard, a Half-Elf Bard, a Gnome Cleric, and an Elf Rogue.

I hand drew all of the elements in Photoshop (minus the typography), and personalized each sheet to each character with elements from their back story. I created a DIY ancient scroll for each character sheet, as well as a PDF with editable forms to be used during gameplay.