Pentel Of America - 2017 Product Catalog

Catalog, Layout, Product Photography 

Last year, we were fortunate enough to be asked to play Awesomefest once again, an annual DIY Pop-Punk music festival in San Diego, CA. We had a great time the year prior, and the positive feedback we received for our EP release was very welcomed. I took this as an opportunity to develop even more creative band merch, one of my all time passions to this day.

I had an old Ion iCade in the closet, and since I no longer have my iPad with all of my arcade roms on it, I decided to repurpose it for the band merch display. This meant designing the skin for the sides and front, as well as creating the front screen and top marquee from scratch. The screen you see here is actually inset from the display border about 2 inches, and lined with blinking lights for effect.

I received a ton of compliments on the display, and it was a blast to create. I think my next step will be to mount an ipad mini in the screen and play a looping animation for the "Danger Inc." game.. Stay tuned!