Disney Consumer Products

Undergraduate Associate Program

Ok, I know these are pretty old now, but I still wanted to include my time as an intern at Disney Consumer Products in Glendale here because the time I spent there was crucial for defining how I work today. I gained so much experience and learned so many lessons on how to work well in teams as well as alone, facing super-crazy deadlines, and basically have to come up with "creative" solutions every minute. It was exhausting. And although still super fun somehow, it really showed me how important efficient project and time management is in my day-to-day life. It also helped that there was our very own Starbucks right in the lobby of our office, so there's that.

I worked in a small department called "Culture of Innovation", which had all these rad programs for the "cast members" that worked at DCP. We developed curated galleries of art and consumer products and displayed them in the corporate lobbies and hallways, invited guest speakers on campus to give keynote presentations for employees to gain industry and Disney heritage knowledge, as well as offered on campus courses to learn everything from Photoshop to cigar-box guitar making. It was pretty neat! We were also in charge of the Creative Resource Center and DCP Archive.

Along with being the sole graphic designer for those tasks, I was selected for the internship because of my knowledge of Wordpress. I was the designer for a pilot program to develop internal websites in-house, instead of paying thousands of dollars to an outside agency. The website you see above lives as a hub for the Culture of Innovation on DCP's intranet, where cast members can learn more about upcoming events.