#Bronandez Print

Digital Illustration

Our very near and dear friends got married this year, and they couldn't be a happier couple. We met Jaz Brown and Trina Fernandez (get it!! Bronandez!! Bro-nan-dez!! It's SO GOOD!!) through music a few years ago, and what do ya know, they're like totally the most bestest, perfect-est friends we could totally ask for.. So, yeah.

Their wedding hashtag for social media posts was #bronandez (see above excitement for that), and as a wedding gift, I painted this in Photoshop and had it printed for them. They're both mega nerds, and love all things retro VHS and cult classics. So, I decided to design a sort-of 80's-neon album cover for them.

They were super stoked for it, as it was a complete surprise when we gave it to them the night before their wedding. This was a lot of fun to make, and I'm glad it turned out so good. You can see some of the detail in the images below.